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1989 KLEAB Klaveness & Lund Elektriska AB was founded by Thor Klaveness and Anders Lund.
        The company was at this time a pure electric service company.
1990 started KLEAB alarm installations, why now the company offer both electric and security service.
1992 Anders Lund leaves the Company to work as a teacher at AMS. In connection with this the company later
        changed its name to KLEAB Klaveness Larm & Elteknik AB.
1994 Thor Klaveness passed an examination as FF-competent according to RUS130, (FF-sakkunig due to
         RUS130) Regulations for Intruder alarms.
1995 KLEAB share its activity in side companies. It is Klaveness Limousine Entreprenad that offers a
        luxury transport and KLEAB Healthy & Clean Consulting that provides with cleaning and body caring
        products. Bodil Klaveness took care of the management during the year.
        Production of alarm boxes prosecutes in the side company GARDE Production AB.
        GARDE Production is transformed to a free-standing Ltd under the name GARDE Malmö AB, for 
        President in the company, Marek Bartkowiak is elected.
        KLEAB sold its shares in the Garde company to renew its own work in electric and security service.
1997 KLEAB establish with Thor Klaveness Thai-Philippine Pub & Restaurang AB.
        President in the company was Afrim Krazniqi.
1999 The restaurant company is sold and refunded as a security company named Säkerhetsmontering &
        Ordningsbevakning i Malmö AB (Security mounting & Guardian in Malmö Ltd) even called
        Säkerhetsmontering AB or SÄKO.
        New President in the company was Andreas Eklund. SÄKOs business is to provide its customers
        need of a complete protection. It is to say, Mounting, installation and service of intruder preventions
        alike electric gratings, wrought-iron gates, security doors etc. but also installations of protecting film,
        drawnings etc.
2000 KLEAB Service becomes the working title at the umbrella which now provide overall solutions in
         its services of electric and security. Thor Klaveness takes charge as President of Säkerhetsmontering
         AB. In cooperation with other companies in the different trades of electric, alarm, refrigerating,
         locking and forging, the customers is now provided overall solutions to serve installations and service
         in the trades of restaurant, industry, and construction areas as well as private.
        We takes care of deliveries of electric, refrigerating, heating etc. and also overall solutions in the
        trade of intruder and security including guarding missions.
2002 KLEAB is now able to provide manpower examined for work at high voltage plants and nuclear
         plants. KLEAB Klaveness Alarm & Elteknikk AS, Norwegian division of foreign company,
         registered in November 18. Provides manpower in the area of Oslo and to Kongsvinger in Norway.
2004 SÄKO is liquidated and its service is overtaken by KLEAB.
2008 The company will be kept resting during the time 2008-05-01 until 2009-04-30 when Thor
         Klaveness is helping in the Philippines. You can se more at for more
         information, become sponsor to a child, or donate to a project.
2009 KLEAB continues its work as usual. 20 years in the market in October 1.
2010 Jovelyn Klaveness continues the work within the side company KLEAB Healthy & Clean
         Consulting and offers help in the homes on the private market to those that wants extra help with
         cleaning, watering, purchase and others that eases the daily life. Rebate is offered when possible
         through the government program called RUT.

2014 Thor Klaveness hired for inspection and start-up at Sandvik 3, VEAB i Växjö

2020 Thor Klaveness begins training at YHS Xenter as an electrical projector in connection with his
         position as Electro installer at Oil-Comm's electrical department OCG Elektro, Sunde,
         Sunnhordaland in Norge.
2021 Due to changed conditions due to the Corona pandemic, KLEAB is moving its head office to
         Kristinehamn in Wermland. We continue to offer service in Skåne but now pre-booked installations.
         In return, we are expanding our business area to Kristinehamn, Karlstad, Arvika and Karlskoga.
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