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To work in the Philippines is an adventure in itself. īThe climate is tropical, it is not possible to work in the same speed as in the northern Europe, and to find a work concludes more than to have knowledge within a certain skill. In the Philippines is the difference between being Philippine and foreign more than the outlook. The Philippines is a poor country and is classified as a development country by the UN (even if UN has classified Philippines as a development country today, due to its economy, it is not seen in the whole country, but only for a limited area).
I am myself married and periodically in the Philippines, which gives that I need to arrange my own work, to have any. To be employed by a Philippine company seems impossible at the time, since one is worried of the consequences if I should be in a work related accident (hospitalization, allowance, reputation).
I have during the year of 2009 studied some of the work and the labour culture in the Philippines and will here show some pictures from my own construction project, which is a two store house for four families, alternative adjustable as a boarding house (eight rooms and four kitchen, nine rooms and three kitchen, or ten rooms and two kitchen).
Is it dangerous to work in Mindanao? You can ask my foreman below!
Protection against sun and stone dust or fundamentally Islamic?
It depends more on if you read CNN (translated to Swedish by the mostly Swedish news papers and tabloids)!


  Reinforcement for pillars is moulded in the foundation
  All labourers is helping during the moulding that is done by hand. Moulders, masons, reinforces, carpenters and others.
  Form production
  The foundation is raised from the level of the basement
  Pillars is mounted
  Scaffoldings is adjusted and built in hardwood. It look breakable, but stands.
  Hath up of walls to basement
  Reinforcement for over layers
  Reinforcement for over layers
  Reinforcement for over layers and ornament for balcony
  Reinforcement for over layers
  Bring dimensions.
  Pillars is shaped.
  Who told about Protection of workers?
  Walls is hath up successively.
  Form construction for beams.
  Production of nay for the reinforcement.
  Reinforcement of beams.
  Reinforcement of beams.
  Reinforcement of beams.
  Close up of construction of reinforcement for beams.
  Close up of construction of reinforcement for beams.
  Forming of beams.
  Form construction meets finished construction.
  Ready moulded beams at south side.
  Inspection of forms before moulding.
  Forms ready for moulding.
  Walls inside is hath up during work goes on.
  Construction and production of ornament.
  First floor is shaped. It start look like a house.
  Windows get ornament.
  Mortar and concrete is mixed by hand.
  Entrance to kitchen and dining room. Entrances to rooms is visible. Kitchen floor is not yet moulded.
  In the outside is also the joy of forming visible. Stones for light etc.
  Protruding part for balcony over terrace and carport.
  Window gets an ornamented roof.
  Coming kitchen and dining room at the first floor.
  Walls is trimmed inside.
  Walls is trimmed inside.
  Walls is trimmed inside.
  Doors is mounted.
  It starts look like a living at some areas.
  Who said that construction work is not enjoyable?
  Lights is mounted.
  By night.
  Light inside is mounted.
  Dining room with temporarily wall.
  The toilet could not be finished before we left, so we closed that section. The old one is still in function outside the house.
  Mosquito net is mounted on all windows since new windows was not able to achieve before we left for Sweden.
  Protections against the heavy rain was mounted over the windows temporarily.
  We realized that rain water would come into the hollow blocks, why we trimmed all the walls to rooms that should be in use.
  Even ventilations was constructed.
  Under the kitchen we built a store room potatoes etc. It was the first time they heard about such a store.
  Entrance to basement in the floor.
  Basement roof, as well as kitchen floor, is moulded.
  Stairs up to the kitchen from the basement.
  The service cable. This will be exchanged, I promise.
  Window and ventilation in basement. There are glass block available.
  Who said that moulding is boring?
  Second floor. This sector will be balcony.
  Second floor seen at south.
  Second floor. Feeds, among other, from first floor.
  Second floor. Coming kitchen.
  Moulding of roof for toilet. It will be a bathroom also on the second floor.
  Have you seen this amount of vent before in a piping for plumbing?
  Beam system seen from the second floor.
  Beam system seen from the second floor.
  Closeness to green shadowing leafs. Will be nice to sit under on the balcony.
  A fruit tree inside the house is not that very bad? Buko juice for breakfast.
  Coming toilet.
  The vent system confused me.
  I found no reason to understand this.
  Next time, the plumbing will be redone. Do you know any excellent plumber?
  How about the electrifying then? Here is the electric engineer!
  We also found an electrician! The construction workers was impressed by the drilling machine. It had to serve also for reinforcement work and overlaying beams.
  The electrifying is alike the one done in Sweden, and with similar equipment.
  The colours is different from the ones we are used to on the materials.
  The coming fuse box on the first floor.
  Junction boxes is made by weaker material.
  The piping in the vault is the same as in Sweden.
  Is it visible where the fuse box will be placed on the second floor?
  Piping for coming kitchen on the second floor.
  Piping for electricity on the first floor.
  The electric pipe is more steady than in Sweden and easier to bend. 90-degrees bends and sleeves is also by similar type.
  Piping for lightning.
  The vault with electrifying is moulded.
  A deck with pipes is waiting for installation.
  Electrical installation for socket.
  Back side of fuse box. The back side of the fuse box will be covered by create.
  Electrical installation in dining room.
  Electrical installation in room for lightning.
  Junction box in roof intended for light.
  The fuse box is built for two phase. As a main breaker, a bigger automatic fuse is mounted. RCCB does not exist for this kind of fuse box. Generally, nobody knew about RCCB in the stockist, in this province. As a PS I can tell those who wonder... the earth wire is green (or yellow) since green-yellow is not available (here).
We'll see when it will be more...

If you feel that you need a room or apartment in the Philippines, welcome to contact us.

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