On this page we will show a part of our service.

We hope you will enjoy what you see, and that it can be to inspiration how we could be useful to you.

We are here for you alone!  Welcome!

In Norway we have been working in many different projects, unfortunately we have not many pictures from these places to show you, but here is some example on missions:


Ringnes Breweries at Gjelleråsen

Storage tank is app.. 30m high and the storage hall app.. 35m high.



The lift is initialized with two cranes to enable rotation of the tank for right position before it is fitted.

When the tank is lowered in the building, it is placed on special made "shoes" with wheels. Then it is easy to roll the tank to correct position together with other tanks.



Storage tank for beer production is lifted and places through a hatch in the roof

Crew sheds with KLEAB's service car (Chevrolet G30)


Typical labour living in Norway. Shower and WC are in the corridor, TV and fellowship room separately.

Other pictures from Norway

A visit at the castle is mandatory!

as well as to Holmenkollen!

and the polar ship FRAM!

Morokulien is a piece of Norwegian-Swedish TV-history, where the point was to have fun (= moro) and (= kul)!

Further than to Örje and Örje sluices was not possible to come during WWII!

MAY 17

Independence Day

Nothing is so natural in Norway as to be proud of their country and celebrate it!